Our marine expertise

Safety and compliance for all construction projects on water


Maritime and nautical markup

Advisory service on the standard regulation use, colors, shapes and appropriate identification of equipment and aids to navigation system according to the Canadian regulatory requirements:

  • Lateral buoys
  • Cardinal buoys
  • Special buoys
  • Radar reflectors
  • Marine lanterns (256 ALIAA codes)
  • Accessories

Our service offer includes :

  • The compliance of your projects: Marking and engineering services
  • Drawing up a plan for a compliant navigation aids system, studies and drafting of quotes

Control of Eurasian Watermilfoil and ecosystem protection

Advisory service on the planning of a specialized marking plan for sensitive areas such as the Eurasian watermilfoil and the design and manufacture of buoys adapted for this.



Compliance of your projects

Nordak Marine’s consultants study your needs and your projects to offer the best solution. Contact Nordak Marine’s experts to guide you in choosing your products.


Maritime and nautical markup

Designer and manufacturer of buoys and anchoring systems for your special projects

Technical solutions

  • Aquaculture
  • Dam
  • Channel
  • Leisure and tourist circuits on the water
  • Water event
  • Lake
  • River
  • Beach
  • River
  • Water Intake
  • Shore protection
  • Protection of sensitive areas
  • Protection of marine fauna
  • Scientific Research
  • Marking for the protection of construction work areas on water bodies

Engineering service

Designer and manufacturer of marker buoys and anchoring systems for your special projects:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Customized safety booms
  • Transports Canada approved facility compliance and approval report
  • Marine safety in the context of construction and repair of bridges, marina and others
  • Advice on installations and maintenance
  • Other tailor-made service projects

Tailor-made engineering solutions offered for your scientific projects and the protection of marine biodiversity:

  • Scientific buoys
  • Bank protection buoys
  • Marine fauna protection buoys
  • Protection booms for the areas under study
  • Programming and installation of telemetry system (alignment control and GPS, other innovative systems)
  • Other tailor-made projects

Studies and quotes


Nordak Marine’s consultants carry out the studies for your project and offer a detailed product estimate. Contact Nordak Marine’s consultants to guide you:

  • On plans and specifications
  • On aids to navigation
  • On compliance
  • On the installations
  • On impact studies


Nordak Marine’s consultants support institutions and associations in their projects to protect the environment and marine ecosystems. Contact Nordak Marine’s environmental and buoyage experts to support you in your projects:

  • On the fight against Eurasian watermilfoil and the large colonies to be controlled
  • On awareness and prevention on water
  • On the compliance of the installations of the marking system for Eurasian watermilfoil
  • On studies and monitoring
  • On environmental communication



Contact Nordak Marine’s expert advisers to install your equipment or to guide you in complete safety during your installations:

  • Coastal waters, rivers, lakes, rivers, channels and aquaculture
  • Dams and danger zones
  • Special events
  • Other

Nordak Marine is recognized by Transports Canada
and the Canadian Coast Guard

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