Our mission

Ensure security of individuals and the protection of environment


At Nordak Marine, we have made the mottos of compliance, safety and innovation our DNA. This is what enables us to offer the best marine buoyancy application to our customers. The quality of our services and the strength of our products and accessories are a priority. They meet the thousand and one constraints inherent in rivers, streams and lakes, and dictated by federal Standard Regulatory.



Vision and values

« We demonstrate our agility in identifying the right and reliable equipment for your needs and confirming our capacity for growth through five guiding principles: compliance, expertise, innovation, quality and sustainability. We are proud to contribute to the safety and protection of navigable waters, coastlines, banks and sensitive ecosystems for sustainable development. » Denis Simard, founder and the entire Nordak Marine team.



Strictly follow the rules and procedures in order to ensure a high level of compliance at all times at all stages of the projects: analysis, design, manufacture, production and installation. At Nordak Marine, we validate the changes made to the laws and regulations of Transports Canada and other authorities, and integrate these into all our projects.



At Nordak Marine, we are experts in aids to navigation systems, marine sciences, project management and the environment. We understand the complexity and peculiarities of lakes, rivers and streams in order to provide the appropriate advice to our clients. This expertise and rigor allow us to offer you the best specialized products and services.

Innovation and quality


Listening to customers, anticipating and adapting to their needs and making any necessary corrections. Nordak Marine’s quality principles are based on the customer, leadership, transversal project management with the customer, staff and suppliers as well as the improvement of products and services. We strive for excellence at all times, such as this marine scientific study project upstream of dams carried out for the Hydro-Quebec Research Institute (IREQ) (studies, development, design, equipment, manufacturing, etc.).



Nordak Marine is driven by: its contribution to safety on the water, promote the protection of the environment and marine ecosystems in collaboration with stakeholders. Nordak Marine is also a corporate citizen who respects the law and more, a creator of attractive jobs of talent and expertise, an employer of choice promoting cooperation and collaboration internally and also with customers and communities. . Nordak Marine’s commitment is part of the path to sustainable development.

Corporate responsibility

We are recognized as a leading expert consultant in the field of buoyage of water bodies in accordance with Canadian maritime laws.

Our team of professionals is recognized for its expertise in marine sciences, environment and project management.

Our motivation is to provide you with a set of aids to navigation in full compliance with Transports Canada regulations on private buoys and restrictions on the use of vessels, and the Navigable Waters Protection Act.

We encourage and support all projects to protect the environment and marine ecosystems.


Presence in Canada
and elsewhere in the world

Nordak Marine meets the navigation assistance needs of cities and municipalities, associations, engineering companies, governments and individuals in Quebec, the Maritimes and elsewhere in Canada and around the world.


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a partner

Nordak Marine’s partners all share the values of compliance and safety. Ask us to join this great family of national and global partners.


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Nordak Marine ensures regular and express delivery of products anywhere in the world. Find out about the logistics relay program for optimal delivery in your region.



1998 to present

Recognition of Nordak Marine expertise by the Canadian Coast Guard, Transports Canada, National Defense, the Department of Environment and Climate Change Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, the Department of the Environment and the Fight Against Change climatic conditions of Quebec, the Quebec Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks (MFFP), Hydro-Quebec, SEPAQ Quebec, cities, municipalities, engineering firms for marine applications, etc.


New generation of safety markings, consulting services (plans and specifications) and work supervision


Development of a range of marine scientific (R&D) buoys and supervision of installations


Launch of the range of buoys for lakes and rivers: marker buoys for lakes and rivers, safety booms for dams, beach delimitation buoys, signaling raft buoys (commercial information and safety information) for construction zones and other water projects


Research and development, design, manufacture and installation supervision of the first professional buoy for whitewater use (St-Laurent River, Lachine Rapids for the City of Montreal)


Research and development on the manufacture of products for navigation and safety aids for lakes according to existing standard regulatory including that of the Canadian Coast Guard

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