Mooring Buoys

Bouées d'amarrage

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Mooring Buoys

The Nordak Marine mooring buoy meets Canadian Coast Guard standards. It is used to immobilize a vessel and has been designed to provide the ultimate in boat strength, durability and protection, providing increased safety at any mooring. This buoy, which has been on the market for a long time, meets safety and compliance standards set by  civil liability insurance companies.

Nordak Marine buoys have been designed to offer the ultimate in visibility, strength and durability. This buoy, which has been on the market for a long time, meets safety and compliance standards set by civil liability insurance companies.


  • Mooring for boats and pleasure craft weighing less than 7,500 pounds
  • For larger boats, contact our experts
  • 4 formats depending on the depth of the anchorage area
  • Uniform wall thickness for maximum strength and durability
  • Soft vinyl surface protects boat finishes
  • Galvanized carbon steel (grade 30) fasteners
  • Product life expectancy of more than 12 years
  • 1 year warranty
  • Marine mooring kit (sold separately): weighing, fasteners and chains on request and adapted to your body of water and seabed.


  • Perfectly suited to inland lakes and rivers
  • Offers great peace of mind with its robust products that comply with Canadian laws
  • Affordable thanks to its excellent value for money
  • Allows you to secure and protect your nautical installations and equipment
  • Ensures safety compliance for your insurance and legal protection.


  • Meets Canadian Coast Guard and Transport Canada standards
  • Virtually unsinkable, stays on the surface, straightens up automatically
  • High visibility day and night with reflective strip (lantern available)
  • Approved retroreflective orange bands, regulatory black messages, and orange symbols on heavy-duty white vinyl material.
  • An internal concrete counterweight for Spar and Can Buoys for upright performance
  • UV resistant colour and display
  • Resistant to rust, chips, cracks and peeling.
  • Ecological: Recyclable polyethylene. No heavy metals or ecological damage

For any buoy, it is mandatory to have a double-sided and personalized display with the name of the owner, the telephone and the mention PRIV


Nordak Marine offers up-to-date advice on the choice of buoys and their installation. Buoys must meet Transport Canada and Canadian Coast Guard guidelines and requirements. Contact our consultants today to plan your project.

Information table on mooring buoys

NameMooring Buoy
(en stock)
Mooring Buoy
Mooring Buoy
Mooring Buoy NMC-170Mooring Buoy
Boat sizes5 to 20 feet15 to 25 feet20 to 35 feet35 to 50 feet50 to 85 feet
ColourRegulatory White with Orange StripRegulatory WhiteRegulatory WhiteRegulatory WhiteRegulatory White
Diameter and Height11,5 x 19 in/36 x 48 cm18,5 x 24 in/47 x 61 cm21,5 x 27,5 in/55 x 70 cm27,5 x 36 in/70 x 92 cm34 x 45,5 in/86 x 115 cm
Overall Height24,5 in/62,2 cm30,5 in/77,5 cm33,5 in/85,1 cm43,5 in/110,5 cm56 in/142,2 cm
Net Weight7,8 lb/3,5 kg 13,7 lb/6,2 kg  
Maximum Mooring Load55 lb/25 kg121 lb/55 kg187 lb/85 kg374 lb/170 kg770 lb/350 kg


Each model suits specific needs

Contact us to find out the appropriate buoy for your body of water (mooring depth, maximum wind, current and seabed).

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