Compliance and security

on water above all!


Building on its excellence and rigor in regulatory compliance and safety on waterways for 20 years, Nordak Marine has delivered turnkey projects in the territories of Quebec and the other provinces of Canada and internationally.

Nordak Marine works with you to develop sustainable and compliant solutions. The conditions and peculiarities of the bodies of water are evaluated by Nordak experts and several elements of analysis such as the speed of the currents, height of the waves and / or tide, prevailing winds on the surface of nautical traffic are taken into account.

Our Nordak Marine products and services meet the standards of the Canadian Coast Guard and Transports Canada.


Our expertise

  • Nautical buoyage system
  • Aids to navigation
  • Aid for the protection of shorelines and marine ecosystems
  • Studies, advice, training, plan and quotation
  • Research and development


  • Quebec
  • Maritimes, Ontario and other provinces of Canada
  • International

Design and manufacture

  • Buoys to mark lakes and rivers according to standards
  • Buoys for shoreline protection and ecosystems for a sustainable development of navigable waters
  • Regulatory buoys to aid and / or restrict navigation
  • Special buoys and custom-made scientific buoys
  • Safety boom: beach safety; safety of construction sites on and around water; marine safety around dams, etc.


  • Plan and specifications for the buoyage system adapted to each body of water
  • Development plan for the safety of a body of water, the protection of shoreline and the protection of sensitive areas
  • Choice of equipment and regulatory buoys to aid and / or restrict navigation
  • Impact study on the buoyage system of lakes, rivers and marine ecosystem protection projects according to government requirements
  • Validation of the conformity of your projects with the authorities
  • Support for a culture of compliance and safety on the water


The professionals of Nordak Marine inc. are experts in the design and manufacture of aids to navigation equipment, project management, environment and marine sciences.

They are recognized for their thoroughness on all matters relating to safety and compliance with the requirements of the Navigation Protection Act (NPA) of Transports Canada and the requirements of the Canadian Coast Guard.

They understand the complexity and peculiarities of lakes and rivers in order to provide the appropriate advice and solutions to clients.

They support customers in their awareness and education exercise relating to the environment and water safety.

All our buoys follow the norms established by Canadian Coast Guard

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